The Checkup: Does Having More Sex Make for Better Athletic Performance?

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• Let’s talk about sex, baby: Having more of it could improve your time at the gym. According to new research, athletes who had more sex performed better when it came to speed, strength and agility. Do note, though: This new research was helmed, in conjunction with an Olympic coach, by a sex toy company. So, we’d say a grain of salt wouldn’t be a bad idea. [Refinery29]

• A reason to overcome your fear of having your blood drawn (Confession: I bit the first nurse who tried to draw my blood back in 1997): The American Red Cross just put out an emergency request for blood due to a shortage. [USA Today]

• Fact: Your first Megaformer workout will probably make you cry or grunt in pain uncontrollably or both. It really is that hard. But you’ll thank yourself afterward, especially if you take note of these tips to rock it like a boss. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• Do you want your veggie burgers to bleed like the real thing? Because, if that’s what you’re into, this company can officially satisfy that need for you. (I think I’ll pass.) [Well + Good]

• Admit it: You’ve totally perused the self-help aisle at Barnes & Noble. But the big question: Can you actually change your personality? [The Atlantic]

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