The Checkup: How Doing Too Much Of This Is Actually Backfiring On You

And more health-minded reads to kick off your morning.

• Creativity is a highly appreciated skill, both in the workplace (hello, pitching ideas to your boss) and in social situations (hello, not coming off as a totally eye-roll-worthy guy in your Tinder profile). Which is why, if you’re looking to be creative, you should stop thinking so much all the freakin’ time — really. A new study found that people who had serious mental load (read: too much to think about) were way less creative than those who didn’t. So de-clutter your minds and quit thinking so much, people!  [Fast Company]

• If your stomach is always grumbling by 10 a.m., try switching your morning meal to one of these high-protein breakfasts that will keep you nice and hanger-pain-free until lunchtime. [Greatist]

• Hey, runners: Stop competing with the you of 10 years ago. Seriously. [Science of Us]

• If you’ve long dreamt of six-pack abs, take note of these 20 abs-building secrets that will help make your dreams come true. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• In today’s diet advice that will make you say “Phew!”: “The devil is not in the protein, or carbs, or sugar,” says Jillian Michaels. Rather, according to Michaels, it’s in the fake stuff, like chemicals and pesticides, so steer clear of those and you’ll be fine. See? Told you you’d say “Phew!” [Well + Good]

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