The Checkup: How to Choose the Best Wine for Your Waistline

And more healthy reads to help you have a great week.

• If you, like Olivia Pope, love a good glass of wine after work but don’t want to overdo it in the calorie department, this super-helpful guide to choosing the best wines for your waistline should come in handy. First tip: Don’t follow Pope’s lead with a bottle of red — opting for white instantly cuts calories. [SHAPE]

•  From almonds to zucchini, with hemp seeds and iceberg lettuce sprinkled in between, this handy list takes you through every letter of the alphabet and links it to an awesome healthy food—superfood, if you will—you should be munching on regularly. With 26 options and a rundown of the health perks of each, this is the perfect cheat sheet to tape to your fridge to keep your healthy-eating on point.. [Mental Floss]

• Apples, step aside: It looks like a lemon a day might keep the doctor away. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• You know we at Be Well Philly adore avocados. So when we saw this video of how to eat the pit of our favorite fruit, we were obviously intrigued. But is it a safe practice? [Well + Good]

Chafing is probably the biggest running buzzkill (well, after blisters.) Turns out, baby powder actually works pretty well to help keep you trucking sans pain. [SELF]

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