What’s Going on With Gangster Vegan Organics? A Lot, Actually 

The plant-based spot has a new Phoenixville storefront opening this summer, a food truck in the works, and they're eyeing a new location for a West Philly shop.

Gangster Vegan Organics juices | Photo via Facebook

Gangster Vegan Organics juices | Photo via Facebook

Yesterday, West Philly Local noted that the location that, back in October, was announced as a new storefront for Gangster Vegan Organics, a Norristown-based shop all about plant-based food and juice, seemed to available to lease now. Meaning … no more Gangster Vegan planned for 4305 Locust Street?

We reached out to Gangster Vegan owner Vinny DePaul to see what was going on with the West Philly location and we found out that, one, he’s still planning on setting up shop in West Philly  — just not on Locust Street — and two, there’s a whole lot more in the works for Gangster Vegan this year, too.

When it comes to the location at 43rd and Locust Street, DePaul says he never signed a lease for the storefront, though he did rent the apartment above the storefront and planned to rent the actual storefront once it was fully renovated and ready. But then, he says, he started having issues with the landlord, so he decided 43rd and Locust was not the right spot for a new Gangster Vegan Organics. “It doesn’t fit in the energy with what I’ve got going on,” he says of the issues with that space.

But that doesn’t mean West Philly is out: He’s currently eyeing a location in a multi-use property at 46th and Woodland Avenue. Then, there are two other new locations to talk about: First off, there’s the new Phoenixville Gangster Vegan storefront, the second for them, slated to open at 6 Gay Street in July. And, in VERY exciting news, DePaul tells us he’s also purchased a food truck. He’s hoping to have that up and running, serving up vegan fare like sweet potato “cheesesteaks,” sometime this summer. He says the food truck will be a roaming location, but will probably often find itself in University City.

So, if all goes according to plan, Gangster Vegan Organics will have at least two new spots for you to get your plant-based fix at — the Phoenixville storefront and the food truck— open this year, with a possibility for a West Philly location, too. Stay tuned, friends!

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