The Checkup: 7 Meal-Prep Tips That Will Totally Transform Your Mornings

• Confession: Whenever I stumble across #MealPrep photos on Instagram, I roll my eyes. Those photos of one tupperware container filled with salmon and asparagus, followed by another, followed by ANOTHER, just make food look … not fun. But I can’t roll my eyes at these tips, which, thanks to the time they’ll save you, will totally change your mornings from a jumble of rushed breakfast- and lunch-making to the calm-and-collected mornings you’ve always dreamed of. You might even have time to squeeze in some meditation. [BuzzFeed]

• You know that quote that’s all over Instagram that goes something like, “The secret to having it all is knowing you already have it all”? Well, turns out, if your definition of having it all includes being happy, the key is actually to always want more than you have. [Quartz]

• Your next pair of Levi’s may be made from recycled jeans. [Fast Company]

• Just in time for National Bike to Work Day on Friday, Stu Bykofsky provides some choice quotes on biking in Philly. []

• Because we could all use some self-love: Seven steps, taken in seven days, to get to a better place with yourself. [Well + Good]

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