Did Plans for 1,000-Foot Slip ‘N Slide Just Get Shut Down?  

Slide the City | Photo via Facebook

Slide the City | Photo via Facebook

Soooo, looks like the giant 1,000-foot slip ’n slide you’ve always dreamed of on 90-degree August days might not actually be coming to Philly this summer after all. It seems some wires got crossed between Slide the City, the company that puts on the giant slip ’n slide events across the country, and the office of City Councilman Bobby Henon, who was working with them on the permits.

As PhillyVoice reports, “Slide the City organizers said in a statement that they were working with the office of City Councilman Bobby Henon (D-6th) and were told ‘based on written communication from Councilman Henon’s office … that permits were 99 percent complete.’” Even though they hadn’t actually been granted the permits yet, Slide the City sent out a press release last week saying they were coming to Philly. Lots of people, including us, squealed with joy. According to Slide the City, though, Councilman Henon’s office was not quite as overjoyed at their announcement — and now, it looks like Slide the City might not be getting the permits needed to hold the event after all.

From PhillyVoice:

“Slide the City claims it was told by a representative from Henon’s office that ‘after much discussion about Slide the City’s event, the City and its partners have determined that we cannot move forward with it.’

“Henon indicated he no longer wanted to be involved in permitting the event because of a press release distributed last week announcing the event’s intentions to come to Philadelphia, Tuesday’s Slide the City statement noted.”

See what we mean about crossed wires?

If Philly’s Slide the City event, scheduled for August 6th, doesn’t happen, this won’t be the first time Slide the City has canceled: Last year, they said they were coming to Philly but never showed, and a quick Google search shows that a slew of last year’s tour stops, from Seattle to Portland to Asheville, were canceled due to — you guessed it — issues with permits.

According to PhillyVoice, Slide the City organizers are still hoping to set up their giant Slip ’N Slide somewhere in Philly this summer, though. Stay tuned.

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