Cecily Tynan’s Official Broad Street Run Forecast

Broad Street Run | Photo by M. Edlow for VISIT PHILADELPHIA™

Broad Street Run | Photo by M. Edlow for VISIT PHILADELPHIA™

If you were looking forward to near-perfect weather for the Broad Street Run again this year, it looks like you should lower your expectations. As 6ABC meteorologist and avid runner Cecily Tynan tells us, “The latest information shows a cold, soaking rain on Sunday morning with temperatures starting in the upper 40s and not climbing far into the 50s during the race.” She suggests you show up to your corral decked out in a trash bag. Really.

But before you start tearing up at the thought of spending your morning running through the rain, look on the bright side: At least you won’t feel like you’re an egg being fried for brunch as you pound your way down Broad Street. As Tynan says, “High temperatures and sizzling sunshine can turn the nation’s largest 10-mile race into a virtual death march.”

When it comes to what you should wear, Tynan isn’t joking about that trash bag. “Yes, your race photos may look strange,” she says. “But wearing a trash bag with a hole cut in for your head is an inexpensive and disposable way to stay dry during the race — or even just for the pre-race lineup.” She also warns against overdressing, saying, “If you aren’t a little chilly at the starting line, you are wearing too many clothes!” She suggests tight, thin layers — but no cotton! Cotton gets wet and heavy in the rain, so opt for water-resistant on the outside and technical, moisture-wicking layers underneath.

And while the current forecast for Sunday does look rainy and on the chilly side, Tynan gives us a glimmer of hope, saying no forecast is set in stone a few days out. Come Sunday, make sure to look out for Tynan who will be back in the race after sitting it out last year thanks to an injury. If it does rain, she’ll be the gal wearing the disposable rain poncho from Walmart.

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