The Checkup: You Can Stop Drinking Skim Milk Now, New Study Says (Hallelujah!) 

And more healthy reads for your morning.

• True story: When I was in elementary school, I would go to one of my friend’s houses and drink, like, six glasses of whole milk in a single playdate. I’m sure her parents hated me, but my house was a skim-milk-only kind of house, and we all know skim milk leaves a lot to be desired. So good news for everyone who’s been drinking it forever: You can stop now. A new study of over 3,000 adults found that those who consumed more full-fat dairy were, surprisingly, 46 percent less likely to develop diabetes than those who ate less of it. [Real Simple]

• Turns out rain does wash away pollen particles, but it bursts them first, which spreads the allergens. Meaning, contrary to popular belief, a rainy day could actually be bad news for your itchy eyes and runny nose. [Huffington Post]

• Say hello to Karlie Kloss: Supermodel and your new fitness idol. [Well + Good]

Losing weight and keeping it off does get easier, it just takes some time — a year, actually, a new study out of Copenhagen finds. [Futurity]

• This new fitness tracker mirror will tell you a whole lot more about your body than your Fitbit. [Women’s Health]

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