The Checkup: The Piece of Gym Equipment That’s Way Germier Than a Toilet Seat

And more headlines to help keep you healthy today.

• You are about to do so much cringing. A new study examined bacteria samples from gym equipment at large fitness chains around the country and spoiler alert: Gym equipment is covered in bacteria. And the most digusting of all? Free weights, with 362 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. BRB, going to wash my hands forever. [Women’s Health]

• Could exercising when you’re pregnant make your future kid more prone to exercising? A new study done on mice shows there could be a connection. [The New York Times]

• And speaking of exercise, in this Italian town, where people don’t really seem too invested in exercise, a huge portion of the population — 30 percent, actually — is over 100 years old. What the whaaat? [Health]

Heather Thompson of the Real Housewives of New York is a … health coach now? [Well + Good]

• Meet the Kettlebell Rocker, your new favorite exercise. [Men’s Health]

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