The Checkup: The Weird Trick That Makes Zahav’s Hummus So Freakin’ Delicious

And more healthy reads to start your morning.

Hummus is one of the most revered healthy snacks around. (I mean, there’s a reason Trader Joe’s has, like, 6,389 varieties of the chickpea dip.) And no one whips up a better batch than Philly’s very own Zahav, whose recipe you can now copy from the comfort of your own kitchen thanks to Food52. And don’t you dare peel the garlic before you throw it in the food processor. Weird, we know — but have faith. [Food52]

• For all the desk jockeys out there, the proper way to sit in front of a computer so you don’t completely throw your alignment out of whack. [Outside Online]

• Sushi tonight? A new study shows we could all learn a little something from the Japanese diet. [Marie Claire]

• Here, four ways to be smarter about your workouts, courtesy of the Tone It Up ladies. [Well + Good]

• Inspiration for the next time you feel like torturing pranking a friend: A new cafe is all about serving salads that are disguised as beautiful, outrageously Instagram-worthy cakes. [Greatist]

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