The Checkup: How to Burn Way More Calories Without Ever Really Exercising

And more healthy reads to get your week going.

• Good news for all the gym haters of the world: There’s a little something called Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis, which encompasses everyday movements that aren’t necessarily considered exercise. Think: gesturing with your hands when you talk, tapping your foot while your work at your laptop, and taking a walking meeting. And get this: According to the brains behind it, upping NEAT can help folks burn up to 850 more calories in a day — without ever really exercising. [Fast Company]

• The case for making having an omelet for breakfast part of your weekday routine. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• 10 health rules (some easier to embrace than others) the well-known integrative physician Frank Lipman says we should all be following. [Well + Good]

• Whoa: How the combo of running and meditation could work wonders for your mind, according to new research. [Science of Us]

• The booty-perking exercise you’ll thank yourself for doing later. Also, you can do it anywhere — so try to come up with an excuse to skip it, I dare you. [Women’s Health]

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