The Checkup: The Gross Reason You Shouldn’t Go to Bed with Wet Hair

And more healthy reads to get your week started.

• Going to bed freshly showered is like waking up on a Saturday morning and realizing you don’t have to go to the office: It just feels good. But turns out, going to bed with wet hair could be contributing to an uptick in dust mites — hello, asthma and sinus infections — and mold (gross!) in your pillow. [Health]

A reason to thank your younger brother or sister: A new study found that kids who had a younger sibling by the age of three or four were significantly less likely to be obese by the time they made it to first grade. [Washington Post]

• Noooooooo. Standing desks might not be all they’re cracked up to be. [NPR]

• A new study shows that if you’re in physical pain, you shouldn’t roll your eyes when someone suggests meditatation. [CBS News]

• For those who’ve tired of avocado toast (but how??), a new way to use avocado: Avocado soufflé. [Well + Good]

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