The Checkup: The Reason You Shouldn’t Make Your Bed in the Morning

And more up-and-at-'em reads to start your day.

• If you’re on the hunt for an excuse to leave your bed all topsy-turvy, how about this? Not making your bed helps to kill off microscopic dust mites, which live in your sheets (ick) and can trigger asthma, sinus infections and a host of other health problems. You’re welcome. [Q by Equinox

• Get this: There’s a new apartment building going in at 12th and Walnut that’ll feature an indoor/outdoor fitness center with a — wait for it — yoga terrace. [Property]

• Introducing the ibuprofen patch. [POPSUGAR]

• Do not skimp on your warm-up, workout fiends.  Good news: You can get all your muscles primed with this one dynamic move. [Men’s Health]

• Running’s not the only thing that makes you poop. Prunes do, too — but, interestingly, experts aren’t totally sure why. [New York Times]

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