The Checkup: Is This the New Lemon Water?

And more healthy reads for your Tuesday.

Rose water, said to reduce inflammation and anxiety and improve digestion, seems to be taking lemon water’s place as the healthy person’s flavored H2O. Just don’t go asking for it at a restaurant. I mean, unless you like having people roll their eyes at you. [Well + Good]

• Here, the (kind of funny) trials and tribulations of a grown-up — a health reporter, actually — trying to convince herself to like fruits and vegetables. [Science of Us]

• And speaking of convincing a grown-up to eat more veggies, here: a dietitian lists off a slew of convincing arguments to add more of them to your plate. [Health]

• Good news for everyone who can’t keep their eyes open past 11 p.m.: New data collected from over 850,000 Jawbone UP users found that folks who went to sleep before then ate less calories and  more nutritious foods than night owls. [Huffington Post]

• For everyone who isn’t quite a vegetarian: A list of terms — think: climatarian, flexitarian, reducetarian — that might apply to you. And why these silly-sounding words are actually pretty important. [The Atlantic]

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