The Checkup: Why You Twitch and Wake Yourself Up Right as You’re Falling Asleep

And more health headlines to start your day.

• The pre-falling-asleep twitch is the absolute worst. It’s called a hypnic jerk, and oddly, experts don’t know exactly know why it happens — but they have some theories. [Buzzfeed

• And now, another sleep mystery solved: Here’s why you wake up dripping sweat sometimes. [Prevention]

• Love granola? You’ll love it even more when you check out these five granola brands that pack wholesome goodness (without all the extra garbage) into every bag. [Well+Good]

• Aha! This is why your hands are always freezing! [CNN]

• You don’t have to be flexible to try yoga — yoga can help you get there. Here, 12 yoga poses for people the less bendy among us. [Health]

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