What Health and Fitness Trends Do You Wish Would Come Back from the Dead?

And which trends do you wish would just die already?

Last week, our friends at BizPhilly broke the news that City Sports — which filed for bankruptcy and shuttered all stores last year — is coming back from the dead thanks to two Wharton-grad brothers who decided to buy the brand. A re-launch of City Sports, Philly brick-and-mortar stores included, is now in the works.

This got us thinking about what else we wish would come back from the dead in the health and fitness world. On the top of our list: The unbridled enthusiasm for rollerblading of the ’90s. Now, it’s like you have to go to Miami, the only place it seems rollerblading is still going strong, to strap on a pair of rollerblades without getting weird stares. And when you’re thinking of things you wish would come back to life, naturally you start thinking about trends you wish would just crawl into a hole and die already. On that list for me: Companies taking items that are naturally gluten-free — like water, for instance — and plastering them with “gluten-free” labels to attract consumers. Spotting these items in the store is actually my biggest grocery-shopping pet peeve. (That and people who have zero regard for the item limit in the express checkout lane. Ughhhh.)

So, now we ask you guys: What health and fitness trends do you wish would come back from the dead? And which do you wish would just die already? Ready, set, comment!

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