The Checkup: The Case for Going Commando When You Work Out

And more health and fitness headlines that caught our eye this morning.

• Real talk: You may not actually need to wear underwear when you work out. And if you insist on wearing it, it’s possible the kind your wearing could pose real health problems. Here, the skinny on which underwear is best, and when you can opt out of it all together. [Huffington Post

• What you eat, and when, is super important after a workout because how you refuel your body can have a pretty big impact on your results. Need a refresher? Check out this guide for proper nutrient timing. [ACE Fitness]

• This article is about new research that uncovered the brain cells responsible for sighing, but what I found most interesting is this factoid: “On average, a person sighs every five minutes, or about 12 times an hour.” Say, whaaaa? [HealthDay]

• And now, for a look at the places where people wipe their boogers when they’re sick, from clothing to couches to public transit seats. (Silver lining? Forty-seven percent of Philadelphians polled for this survey said they never wiped anywhere except a tissue.) [Women’s Health]

• Do you have chronic stomach troubles? You could be low in vitamin D, according to a new study. [Prevention]

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