Gluten-Free Drinkers, Rejoice: Here’s Your Guide to the Best Pennsylvania Hard Ciders

The folks at Foobooz tried over 30 ciders, all in the name of work.

Photograph by Claudia Gavin

Photograph by Claudia Gavin

For all of our gluten-free friends who often find themselves standing in bottle shops, staring at a bazillion hard ciders — their de facto drink of choice in a beer shop — wondering “What the heck is the difference?” the guys over at Foobooz have you covered. They tried over 30 local ciders and nailed down the best ciders for every taste, from the ciders that will please the craft beer lovers of the worlds to the health conscious to those who just want something to pair with their cheese. You can check out their options for the health conscious below, then hop over here to see the rest of ’em. (Just note: If you have celiac, they did not check to see if all of the ciders were gluten-free, most ciders just naturally are.)

For the Health Conscious and Gluten Averse … 

Wyndridge makes a big deal out of the fact that all their ciders are gluten free — because they know that celiacs and the otherwise gluten-intolerant don’t have a lot of good beer options when it comes to catching a buzz. But really, pretty much ALL ciders are gluten-free, so you’ve got a lot of options. For those also counting calories, we suggest the Wyndridge plain cider (which clocks in around 165 calories), or the Commonwealth traditional (at 140). By way of comparison, a High Life will run you 143 calories — which isn’t a big difference, sure, but we know some of you out there take those additional three calories very seriously.

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