The Checkup: How Pennsylvania Hospital Is Making C-Sections Way Better for Moms

And more healthy reads to start your Tuesday.

• Penn Medicine’s Pennsylvania Hospital is paving a new path for women who undergo C-section deliveries. Spoiler: What they’re doing is totally, completely, 100 percent awesome. [Huffington Post

• My workspace looks like this: I have two computer screens on my desk —a big, stand-alone monitor, and a laptop screen — and an iPhone parked right next to my keyboard. If you’ve lost count, that’s three (3!) screens competing for my attention for nine hours every day. New research outlines the reasons why flitting between multiple screens is really, really bad for your poor, tired eyes. [TIME]

• Consider this your wake-up call: why your “healthy” snacks actually make you feel hungrier. [Greatist]

• A word on why adult coloring books are so darn addictive (and good for your health!). [Science of Us]

• How to treat your body right on your recovery days. [Q by Equinox]

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