Where Are the Best Sweet Potato Fries in Philly?

Please, do tell.

Sweet potato fries are the healthy person’s fries. But don’t get it twisted: This is not to say they are actually healthy at all. I mean, they’re usually fried in a vat of oil, and sometimes (if you’re anything like me), you smother them in mayo right before you shove them in your mouth. Yeah, not healthy. But still, whenever I opt for sweet potato fries instead of regular fries, I feel like I’m making a slightly healthier choice and being a responsible adult by getting some beta carotene in with my mayo-drenched stick of fried goodness. I’m guessing you feel the same, right?

So, what brings me to this post, you ask? Well, the other day, a coworker emailed Emily and me about the sweet potato fries at Waffles & Wedges at 15th and Pine. She said the sweet potato wedges are amazing — and they’re baked, so actually somewhat healthy! This later led me to passionately declare my love, and occasional hate, depending on where they’re from, for sweet potato fries to Emily. I will totally fangirl over the regular potato/sweet potato fry mix at Good Dog Bar — So crunchy! So perfectly thin! But not too thin! — but, while I love me some HipCityVeg, I really do not love their sweet potato fries. Too soggy. And limp.

My point? Not all sweet potato fries are created equal, and people (because I’m sure it’s not just me) have strong opinions about them. So, dear readers, we’d like to hear all of your opinions. We ask you, where’s a gal to find the best sweet potato fries in Philly? And what makes them so darn good? Ready, set, comment!

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