The Checkup: Is Your Avocado Addiction Actually Healthy?



• I’ve been known to take my avocado obsession a bit overboard. (Hi, avocado yoga leggings.) But is being so obsessed with avocado — and eating an entire avocado every single day — actually healthy? Well, it depends. According to this nutritionist, as long as you account for all the fat you’re consuming (so skimp on fat in other places, like by ditching the cheese in a salad, for instance), you should be good. But, she says, half an avocado a day is probably a better habit for your waistline. (I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear that.) [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• Handy! This new map shows you the air quality wherever you are in the world in real time. (And it also tells you whether or not, air quality considered, you should go easy on your outdoor workout.) [Fast Company]

• Here, how to reheat every type of leftover for optimum deliciousness. You know, so you actually end up eating them instead of letting them rot in your fridge. [Men’s Health]

• If you are reading this on your cellphone while walking down the street, stop. Pretty, pretty please, stop. A study found that people who stare at their phones while walking veer off course — like into traffic or into a parked vehicle, for instance — roughly 61 percent of the time. [The New York Times]

Kind, the brand behind your favorite sweet-and-nutty bars, and the FDA are at it again. [The Atlantic]

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