The Checkup: Awesome News About Philly’s Bike Lanes

And more reads that caught our eye this morning.

• Here’s a new ranking to hang your bike helmet on: Philly leads the country with the most bike lanes per square mile. With 426 total miles of bike lanes, our 4.3 miles of bike lanes per square mile beat out New York City, LA, Phoenix and San Diego, among others. I guess it’s no surprise that we’re the most-biked big city in the U.S., too. [Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia

• Fact: Eating broccoli can ruin your sleep. It’s one of six surprising foods that make getting quality shuteye rather difficult. [Eat Clean]

• Hate running? Good news: You don’t have to run much at all (we’re talking five to six miles a week) to gain some of running’s best benefits, including a smaller waistlines, lower blood pressure and a decreased risk for certain cancers and arthritis. [New York Times]

• Consider this week’s Meatless Monday in the bag: Make this recipe for sesame-crusted tofu and you will NOT be disappointed. [Q by Equinox]

• Listen up, standing-desk devotees (we’re looking at you, Citified editor Patrick Kerkstra): If you stand all day at work, don’t go home and undo all that progress by sitting on the couch all night. Most folks with standing desks do exactly that, according to a new study. [Mental Floss]

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