The Checkup: 10 Podcasts You Can Listen to While Working Out

And more click-worthy health reads to start your day.

• A podcast? While you work out? Yup. I often listen to Radiolab while I run, believe it or not, so I’m taking this list of 10 podcasts that make for excellent gym-time listening material as the perfect excuse to switch it up a bit. [Q by Equinox

• Yikes. These are the very scary consequences of sleep deprivation, as experienced by a high schooler who stayed awake for 11 (!!) days straight, all in the name of research. [Huffington Post]

• No, moms and dads, it’s not all in your head: Babies really do get calmer when they’re sung a lullaby. Now there’s scientific research to prove it. [Mental Floss]

• Here’s one for the bookmark bar: a recipe for chicken and apple gyros. Yum! [Yahoo Health]

• Sorry, guys. You aren’t nearly as helpful around the house as you think you are. Here, the truth about men and chores. [Science of Us]

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