Hey, Kombucha Drinkers: Here’s One Way to Save Boatloads of Money

Inspired Brews kombucha | Photo via Facebook

Inspired Brews kombucha | Photo via Facebook

Every time I go to Whole Foods, I stare at the kombucha section of the cold-drink case and imagine filling my cart to the brim with bottles. And then I grab one of my favorite bottles, which costs $5 — FIVE DOLLARS, people — and quit daydreaming. You see, I used to buy like six kombuchas every time I went to Whole Foods, but then I went broke. So one it is.

If your bank account, too, has suffered due to your kombucha addiction, here’s one way to save boatloads of money: This week and next week, local kombucha company Inspired Brews is teaming up with United by Blue to host two kombucha-making workshops. So now, you can learn to make your very own kombucha and avoid blowing all your funds on fermented tea.

At the workshops, attendees will learn how to make the good stuff from Inspired Brews owner Jessa Stevens, plus they’ll go home with a complete batch starter to continue brewing up their own kombucha at home.

The first of the workshops will be held at United by Blue’s University City location this Thurday, November 12th from 6:30 to 8 p.m., and the second will be held at the store’s Old City location next Thursday, November 19th at the same time. The workshop will run you $40, and with it you get a bottle of Inspired Brews kombucha — you know, to hold you over until your homemade concoction is ready to sip on. You can find out more about the workshops and sign up for one here.

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