The Checkup: This Is the Best, Least-Busy Day to Go Grocery Shopping

And more morning reads to help keep you sane.

• If you consider your weekly grocery-shopping trips to be a special form of torture, here’s a little something to lessen the pain: Research shows Wednesdays are the least-busy day to grocery shop. So less cart-bumping and more cart-zooming, for a faster, less-torturous shopping trip. That, plus 45 more tips to make you the best grocery shopper ever, here. [Yahoo]

• Wharton grad Elon Musk gets lots of attention for his business endeavors — you know, little things like PayPal and Tesla — but let it be known, the other Musk brother is doing some very cool stuff, too. Only his arena is the healthy-eating world. [Fast Company]

• If you’ve ever wondered why it takes a day or two for you to really feel the effects of a workout, here is your answer. [New York Times]

• Sitting isn’t the only dangerous thing about office culture: There’s a lot of snacking, too. Here’s how to navigate the free donuts, birthday cupcakes and random pizza days responsibly. [Elle]

• If you diligently put toilet paper down on every public toilet seat you use (I’m with you), bad news: It’s really not doing much. But the good news is, the toilet seat isn’t actually the germiest thing in a public bathroom. [Greatist]

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