The Checkup: This Is What’s Really Scary About Added Sugar

And more must-reads in today's health headlines.

• The sugar war wages on, with researchers and experts homing in on perhaps the biggest sugar culprit of all: added sugar — that is, non-naturally-occurring sweeteners that are added to our foods, sometimes without us knowing it. Looks like they’re taking a pretty big toll on our health. [TIME

• Love this: Outdoors giant REI will be closed — yes, closed — on Black Friday in an effort to encourage people to get outdoors instead of shop. The best part? They’ll be paying employees for the day off. [CNN]

• This is sure to come in handy this winter: how to decide when to take a sick day — and, when you do, how to take one the right way so you’re back to fighting form faster. [DailyWorth]

• To those who “hate” water (I honestly don’t understand how that is possible …), listen up: This sneaky cup tricks you into thinking you’re drinking a sugary drink, even when you’re just chugging good ol’ H2O. [Fast Company]

• Need a reason to get to bed earlier tonight? How about this: People who don’t get at least six hours of sleep a night, according to a new study, are at a 41 percent more likely to have high blood sugar, high cholesterol, extra fat around the midsection, high blood pressure and excess amounts of fat in the blood. Yikes. [Huffington Post]

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