The Checkup: Are Sweet Potato Fries Coming to McDonalds?

And more health-related reads to kick off your morning.

Sweet potato fries are the healthy person’s french fries (albeit not-so-healthy), so it only makes sense that McDonald’s — in their (maybe futile) quest to get in on the healthy-eating market — is testing them at some of their Create Your Taste locations. [Huffington Post]

• Get ready to feel lazy: This guy ran 1,500 miles (!!) to deliver a blanket to Ellen Degeneres. Fifteen-hundred miles, people! [Runner’s World]

• Your mind is about to be blown: Did you know that red bell peppers are just ripe green bell peppers? My jaw is on the floor. [Slate]

• If you have used the “social anxiety” excuse to get out of going out — you know, so you could snuggle up with your BFF, Netflix — you are not alone. (I mean, haven’t we all?) But turns out, only 13 percent of people actually fit the criteria for having social anxiety disorder. [The Atlantic]

• It’s not your fault you can’t quit brie after the first bite: Apparently cheese is addictive — or to put it in the much more hilarious words of Dr. Neal Barnard, it might as well be called “dairy crack.” [Yahoo Health]

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