The Checkup: Why It’s Easy to Gain Weight When Training for a Marathon

And more health reads in today's Checkup.

Philadelphia Marathon | Photo via Facebook

Philadelphia Marathon | Photo via Facebook

• It’s a cruel, cruel fact that a lot of people end up gaining weight, rather than losing it, while training for a marathon. Even crueler: It has nothing to do with your body putting on more muscle. Click on over to New York Magazine to find out why it happens (and how to avoid it). [Science of Us

• Is your annual physical necessary? More importantly, is it causing more harm than good? Physicians are divided. [CNN]

• How to get a caffeine jolt without the caffeine. []

• When’s the last time you treated yourself to a nice, long stretch session? Use these 15 pretzel-like moves as a guide to streeeeeeeetch your tightest parts. [Greatist]

• Whoa. This crazy exercise is literally mountain climbers on about 10,000 steroids. How many reps can you do? [Men’s Health]

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