The Checkup: This Is Why You Sweat So Much 

And more enlightening reads to start your morning.

• If you’ve ever looked to your left during a yoga class and noticed the person next to you is dry and you’re, well, dripping, don’t be ashamed: There are all sorts of factors that could be to blame. For one, fit people sweat more efficiently (read: more and faster) than less fit people. [Greatist]

• And speaking of sweat, question: Is sweat-shaming a real thing? [The Daily Beast]

• Here, your guide to binge-watching all the How to Get Away With Murder episodes this weekend — drumroll, please — without feeling bad about it. (This is not a cruel joke, I swear.) [TIME]

• When you think about complaining about your life today, remember: This 12-year-old girl sneezes 12,000 times a day. So yeah, it could be worse. [Women’s Health]

• It’s official: We’ve found the best breakfast ever. Fruit sushi, people! And you can make it yourself. [BLDG 25]

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