Your Weekend Workout Playlist: 20 Songs You Wouldn’t Expect to Get You Amped

But they totally do the trick.

Earlier this week, Adjua and I decided to take a spur-of-the-moment lunchtime class at Body Cycle Studio, a perfectly timed 45-minute ride that allowed us to be back at our desks before we were missed. Instructor Ross MacKinnon led the group over hills, on flat roads, etc. etc., all to a soundtrack of what I would consider pretty typical workout songs: the trance-y gym tracks and repetitive pop songs that sort of wash over you without your brain really registering them.

And then, all of a sudden, I heard it: the sort of quiet, intriguing, leg-bouncing intro to Dave Matthews Band’s “Two Step.” “Is this ‘Two Step’?” I actually bellowed to Ross from across the room in the middle of the class. “Yes!” he shouted back. “I like to mix it up.”

It was funny because while I love that song — Fun fact: My hubby played it with a band at a high school talent show (yes, we dated in high school), so it has all sorts of hilarious memories attached to it — I’d never actually considered working out to it. But you know what? It got me weirdly, incredibly, ridiculously amped, the kind of amped that took me straight on to the finish line with an extra surge of happy, happy energy.

The whole thing got me wondering about what other surprisingly awesome workout songs might be ripe for the picking, songs you wouldn’t normally consider adding to the queue but that, yes, now that you think of it, totally and completely work. So I posed the question to some runners and fitness pals, and they shot back a suggestions that I think make up one of our most inspired playlists yet.

Behold: 20 Songs You Wouldn’t Expect to Get You Amped (But Totally Do the Trick). (Including — spoiler alert — not one, but two Disney songs. You’re welcome.)

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