Take It Indoors: The Best Spin Studios for Every Type of Ride

Rain? Snow? Blazing-hot temps? Satisfy your need for speed at one of these spin studios around town.

Body Cycle Studio

Body Cycle Studio

To fake the real deal: Try Fit Ryde
With RealRyder bikes that tilt from side to side with your body weight, you’ll get the feel of a road ride without stepping foot outside.
724 West Lancaster Avenue, Wayne, and 1572 Wilmington Pike, West Chester; 516-425-3289.

To work your arms, too: Try Flywheel
Thanks to the weighted-bar work that pops up mid-class, you’ll walk away from this studio with your legs and arms shaking like crazy.
1521 Locust Street, Center City, 215-600-1281, and 711 West Lancaster Avenue, Bryn Mawr, 610-572-7161.

To double up: Try Body Cycle Studio
During this studio’s high-energy themed tag-team rides, two instructors switch off teaching throughout the class, giving you a taste of two riding styles plus a killer workout.
1923 Chestnut Street, Rittenhouse, 215-563-3663.

To cure a case of wanderlust: Try Inner Drive Fitness
Itching for a getaway? The virtual rides at this Newtown spot — taking cyclists everywhere from Tour de France climbs to beachside straightaways —  should tide you over for a bit.
210 South Newtown Street, Newtown Square, 610-355-0925.

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