The Checkup: How Often You Should Wash Your Yoga Pants (Hint: Probably WAY More Than You Do)

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How often are you supposed to wash you your yoga pants, you ask? The answer — once every wear, no excuses — is probably (definitely) more often than your current washing standard. (Because who wants to waste a wash on a one-hour Hatha class?) [Shape]

• What’s this crazy ramp? Oh, just a bike commuter’s dream come true. [Slate]

• When it comes to fitness, we’ve all heard the phrase “Listen to your body.” But aside from knowing that a stomach growl means it’s probably time to put in your GrubHub order, most of us don’t really know what that means. Here, a breakdown of what exactly to listen for. [Greatist]

• How to make the perfect, good-for-you smoothie every single time. (It can be done!) [Well + Good]

Fake meat might not just be for vegans and vegetarians for long. Companies that focus on masterpieces like faux chicken are trying to appeal to the mainstream markekt, carnivores included. [The New York Times]

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