The Checkup: This Guy Did 10,000 Burpees in a Row

And more healthy reads to start your day.

• How long do you think it would take you to complete 10,000 burpees in a row? It took this New York trainer two days. Actually, 43 hours to be exact. [Rodale Wellness

• This is why it’s good to get touchy-feely with other people, according to science. (Sorry, Adjua.) [Details]

• Are Oreos about to get a healthy makeover? [Well+Good]

• Chances are, you’re washing your workout gear all wrong. Here’s the right way to do it to extend your clothes’ shelf life. [Women’s Running]

• Do you ever think about the levels of antibiotics in your food? Here’s how fast-food restaurants stack up when evaluated for their antibiotics use. [BuzzFeed]

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