The Checkup: How to Conquer a 5-Minute Plank

And more sweat-worthy reads from around the web.



• There’s no better exercise than the plank for days you’re short on time and won’t make it to the gym. The key is learning how to hold this total-body move for minutes on ends. This plank challenge will get have you planking for five full minutes in just two weeks. [POPSUGAR Fitness

• Feeling a tad, er, bloated after a weekend of cookouts, cobbler and beer? Not to worry: This fresh fruit salad is literally engineered to help curb the bloat. Seriously! [Women’s Health]

• Did you know it’s super easy to cheat on your push-ups with bad form? Quit your bad habits right now and get more out of this total-body move with the much more effective dead-stop push-up challenge. (We dare you.) [Men’s Health]

• Whoa. A human-less robot restaurant just opened in San Francisco — and its specialty is quinoa bowls churned out with fast food speed and efficiency. [TIME]

• Here’s clean eating at its finest (and easiest): a day’s worth of recipes starring whole, unprocessed, nutrient-rich foods. [Rodale Wellness]

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