What to Eat This Week: Not-Just-Zucchini Veggie Noodle Dishes

Guilt-free pasta is possible, people.

noodles lead
We’re always on the hunt for clever ways to health-ify our favorite meals, but this can be a difficult task when we’ve got a serious hankering for a feel-good casserole or cheesy pasta dish. The answer? Veggie noodles! Turns out you can turn just about any vegetable of your liking into delicious, flavorful noodles, ribbon pasta, or even flat lasagna noodles, for a fake-me-out indulgent pasta dish. From cajun sweet potato noodles to deconstructed zucchini manicotti and cauliflower noodle lasagna, you’ll find a healthy veggie noodle dish to satisfy all your cravings below.

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