The Checkup: How to Master the Art of Waking Up for Early-Morning Workouts

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• If you’ve never been able to grasp the skill of waking up early to go sweat your face off (because the snooze button), here: Five folks who force themselves out of bed at the brink of dawn on the regular dish on their fail-proof methods for making it to morning workouts. [Men’s Health]

• What do dark chocolate and pomegranates have in common? They both work wonders when it comes to fighting sun damage. [Q by Equinox]

• We could probably all use this: Three ultra-sound tips to help you chill the F*$% out during a stressful week. [Well + Good]

• The good news: A new study found that guys who drank beet juice regularly for two weeks had lower blood pressure, greater blood flow and consumed less oxygen both during workouts and when resting. The bad news: beet juice. [Huffington Post]

• Is your apartment a hot mess at the moment? We’ve all been there. Here, why you should get your de-clutter on — for your health. [POPSUGAR Living]

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