The Checkup: Why You Should Be Eating Banana Peels — Seriously!

And more healthy reads to start your day.

banana peel


• For many of us, it’s a complete no-brainer to get rid of the peel when you eat a banana, but in some cultures, that’s a complete waste of perfectly edible — not to mention nutrient-packed — food. Banana peels are loaded with vitamin A, vitamin B, antioxidants and fiber, and they can be cooked stir-fry style (for a green-pepper like crunch) or blended into smoothies right along with the sweet fruit itself. Whooo knew? [Eat Clean]

• Another fruit with superpowers: who knew tart cherries could relieve pain and speed muscle recovery? [Washington Post]

• If getting out of bed in the morning is a struggle (if it’s not, cheers to you, superhuman) here’s a total body stretch that will wake you right up. [Byrdie]

• For those of you with plant-powered wanderlust, here: Your vegan restaurant bucket list, featuring 24 eateries from around the country. Hopefully you’ve already crossed off Philly’s own Vedge. [BuzzFeed]

• While you’re road-tripping to hit the best of America’s vegan restaurants (or wherever else you’re traveling this summer), these science-backed tips to have the happiest vacation possible will come in handy. [Science of Us]

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