The Checkup: The Truth About Drinking After You Work Out

And more healthy reads to start your morning.

man drinking beer


• Lately it seems to me like every organized run ends with beer. I don’t know about you, but it got me wondering whether drinking post-sweat session is good for you. These experts weighed in, and there’s good and bad news: Light drinkers can rest easy, because one victory drink won’t hurt you. But you’re going to want to watch it after that — three or more drinks downed post-workout can get you into trouble. [SELF]

• Speaking of drinking too much, it turns out it is possible to drink too much water during exercise. Here’s why it’s important to hydrate responsibly. [Washington Post]

• Looking for a healthier dessert for your July 4th cookout that still tastes decadent? These ice cream recipes are all made from whole ingredients with minimal added sweetener and you can whip them up in your blender. Yes, please! [Eat Clean]

• You’ve heard that exercise can add years to your life, but did you know it can actually make you younger? This is how much younger an athlete’s fitness age is than their chronological age. [The New York Times]

• This artist is redefining playing with your food. Because a kiwi made to look like a hamburger makes eating fruit a lot more fun. [Greatist]

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