The Checkup: How to Actually Stick to Your Workout Routine

And more healthy reads to start your week.



How to actually make it to the gym four times this week like you said you would? Change the way you think about it. Think of your workouts the same way yogis think about their sweat sessions: as a “practice” — one that makes you better, not just afterward when you can squeeze into your skinny jeans, but during as well, says this personal trainer. Interesting, right? [Greatist]

• Because a night spent tossing and turning can screw up your whole week: Small changes to make to your bedroom to get the best sleep ever. [Refinery29]

• Remember the Boston Marathon Dad who may or may not have cheated his way into the Boston Marathon? Well, turns out, a good number of runners cheat during marathons — but most of the time, it’s by accident. [Runner’s World]

• This photo (with accompanying recipe) of baked avocado eggs is the definition of food porn. Enjoy. [Well + Good]

• The science behind why you can preach words of relationship/health/financial wisdom all day long but when it comes time to follow your own advice, you can’t. [Science of Us]

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