Will Philly’s Cat Cafe Offer Yoga?

We hope so.



We’re sure you’ve heard the news that Philly could be getting its very own cat cafe, right? In case you’re one of those fascinating people who doesn’t have a Facebook account and therefore missed the cat craze that has taken over every Philly resident’s newsfeed for the past week, the Philadelphia Business Journal reports that Philly cat lover (er, well, we assume she’s a cat lover) Kristin Eissler is hoping to have Philly’s first cat cafe, Kawaii Kitty Cafe, open by December of this year.

The cafe, which doesn’t yet have a location, will house anywhere from 10 to 15 adoptable cats at a time. I have many questions, most of which revolve around whether latte-foam art featuring cats will be a part of the equation, but the most important question I have is this: Will Philly’s cat cafe offer yoga?

The reason I ask is, yesterday, I was reading Well + Good when I came across the piece “I Did Yoga at a Cat Cafe and This Is What Happened” and I immediately thought, Holy. Crap. Cat-cafe yoga. We NEED that. As the co-owner of New York’s first and only cat cafe, Meow Parlor, told Well + Good, they recently decided to start offering yoga in the cafe because “It’s a good way to interact with the cats, and do something for your body at the same time. The thing with cats is, the more you ignore them, the more attention they give you.”

So take note, Eissler: Yogis getting their downward dog on around cats makes the cats more inquisitive and friendly and, therefore, more adoptable. Sounds like a good idea to us. Over here in Be Well Philly Land, we’re keeping our fingers crossed, hoping the answer to our question is yes.

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