The Checkup: 23 Fast-Food Breakfasts That Aren’t Terrible for You 

And more healthy reads to start your morning.



• Sometimes, fast-food breakfast happens. So it’s better to be prepared and know what you should order than to go in blind and totally calorie bomb your day away on a breakfast sandwich. These fast-food breakfasts are all under 400 calories with no trans fat, a decent amount of protein and fiber, and lower sugar and sodium counts. So if you find yourself in McDonald’s at 7 a.m., refer to this list. [BuzzFeed]

Lululemon is once again making headlines for pissing people off. [Well + Good]

• Question: Could you ditch your full-length mirror? This woman did — and it made her a happier, healthier, saner human. [Refinery29]

• I’ve never longed to do laps in a pool, but that’s all changing as I type this: Take a minute to close your eyes and transport yourself to one of these seven insanely gorgeous swimming pools around the world. [Q by Equinox]

• Tips that will make your first trip to a CrossFit box (that’s what CrossFit gyms are called, by the way) a whole lot less intimidating. [Health]

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