Yoga with Jake: Poses for Tight Hamstrings

Your legs will thank you after.



Every week, we post a new yoga routine from local instructor Jake Panasevich. Panasevich’s specialty is yoga for men (you can learn more about him on his website here), but these routines works for ladies, as well! So grab your yoga mat and get your downward dog on, friends. 

There are a bazillion reasons your hamstrings could be feeling tight: A killer Lithe Method class (been there), a long run or, on the flip side, a lack of movement for the past week. Not to fear: Jake is here to help you loosen your legs up with this routine for tight hamstrings.

And, as Jake notes, this routine, which increases flexibility, is also great for beginners who fear they can’t do yoga because they aren’t flexible enough. Now grab your mat and get goin’, folks!

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