The Checkup: This Is the Best Month to Be Born, According to Science

And more healthy reads to start your day.



• Looks like May babies have a leg up on the rest of us: A new study found that folks who were born in May have the lowest risk when it comes to disease while those born in October have the highest risk. Say it with me: Life’s not fair. [TIME]

• Caffeine-free dandelion coffee is the new regular coffee, say healthy foodies. I’ll let you guys be the judge. [Well + Good]

• One very convincing reason to try your best to be a glass-half-full kind of person: Looking on the bright side could help you live longer. [Huffington Post]

• Yesterday morning, we told you guys that everyone could use a little more protein on their breakfast plate. And like magic, this recipe came in to our life: The breakfast toast of your dreams, which totally fits the healthy-breakfast bill. [BuzzFeed]

• Because summer isn’t here quite yet but sweaty season has definitely arrived: Simple tricks to stop yourself from sweating quite so much. [Men’s Health]

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