Can You Drink Four Beers and Run a Mile? Find Out at the Brew Mile This Summer



If you’re a runner, you’re probably familiar with the concept of a beer mile, but for those who aren’t, it goes like this: Chug a beer, run a quarter of a mile, chug a beer, run a quarter of a mile, chug a beer, run a quarter of a mile and — you guessed it! — chug a beer, run a quarter of a mile. Oftentimes they’re pretty low-key affairs done with a group of running buddies at a track on a Saturday afternoon when no one’s expecting you to be productive. Because, well, all that beer.

To some people, this sounds like the best thing ever, and to others (like myself) it sounds like a vomit-inducing nightmare. But hey, to each his own. And if you’re in the first camp and you’ve never tried one before, here’s your chance: Brew Mile, essentially a beer mile on steroids, is coming to Philly’s XFinity Live on Friday, August 7th. And yes, there will be a gluten-free beer option, in case you were wondering.

Here’s the deal: The race will kick off at 7 p.m. with participants running a beer mile. Instead of water stations, the race has beer stations complete with craft beer (no PBRs here) set up every quarter mile. Then, post-run, there will be a huge post-race party where folks will find more beer (although, I’m wondering how thirsty anyone could possible be for another beer after a beer mile), plus loads of games, live music and food. Everyone is welcome to the party, runners, beer-loving spectators and your responsible designated driver friend alike.

This is more of a fun run than a race, so if you’re an avid beer miler (because I’m sure those exist) and you’re looking to PR, just note: The run is timed only in that there’s a clock running. So you can glance at it as you pull in to the finish, but it’s not a chip timed race. You can run as an individual or as a team and costumes are optional but totally encouraged.

As the race’s website says, “Brew Mile events are a celebration of local craft breweries, local food, local music and of local community building organizations.” So one would hope they’d use beer from a Philly brewery, though whether they have any Philly breweries lined up isn’t clear.

Registration will run you $45 until Friday when it jumps up to $55, and it gets you six beers total (four during the race and two at the after party), plus a pint glass. You also have the option to upgrade to a VIP ticket for an extra $40 to get you express check-in, private bathrooms, two more drink tickets for the after party and a Brew Mile t-shirt and trucker hat (huh?). You can find out more and register here.

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