The Checkup: Is This the Miracle Hangover Cure We’ve All Been Looking For?

And more healthy reads for your weekend.



• Because it’s a long weekend full of barbecues and beer, and we care: Apparently, Pedialyte — you know, the drink dehydrated, sick children drink? — is loaded with sodium and potassium, making it the perfect morning-after drink when your head is throbbing and your will to live is at the bottom of a Bud Light can somewhere. [Greatist]

• The science behind why people jump off of cliffs and out of airplanes for fun, in case you could never quite wrap your head around it. [Science of Us]

• Uh oh, vegan chocolate lovers: In a new report, the FDA found that 75 percent of dark chocolate bars with warnings like “may contain milk” and  “manufactured in a facility that uses milk” did contain milk, and 15 percent of bars that claimed to be dairy-free  or vegan contained milk, too. [Yahoo Health]

• The bad news is, if you gave up gluten in an effort to up your athletic performance, a new study found that competitive cyclists who ditched gluten showed no statistically significant differences in athletic performance, GI distress, inflammatory markets, intestinal damage or overall well-being. The good news? Croissants. [Runner’s World]

• Listen up, guys: 17 teeny-tiny health tweaks you can make to live a longer life. [Men’s Health]

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