The Checkup: 10 Healthy Foods You’re Eating All Wrong

And more healthy reads for your morning.



• If you think you’re soaking up a boatload of nutrients by sprinkling a spoonful of whole flaxseeds on your lunch salad every day, think again: Those babies need to be ground if you want to get the good stuff out of ‘em. That, plus nine more healthy foods you’re eating all wrong. [TIME]

• Why daydreaming during your monthly all-staff work meetings isn’t the worst thing ever. [Greatist]

• If you’ve never quite understood what the heck allergies are and why they’re awful one year and gone the next, here: A primer on how allergies change throughout your life. And to tease you with a mind-blowing fact: No one is actually born with allergies. Say whaaat? [Men’s Health]

• Someone designed a wine that doesn’t leave drinkers with a hangover. Do with that information what you will. [Eat Clean]

• We are already on the eat-an-avocado-a-day-train, but if you need convincing, here. [Zelle]

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