The Checkup: Ordering Starbucks’ New Mini Frappuccino Saves You How Many Calories?!

And more healthy reads for your day.



• Good news: Until July 6th, Starbucks is offering customers the option of ordering a mini, 10-ounce Frappuccino — and downgrading your Frappuccino to a 10-portion could help you save big in the calorie department. A mini Coffee Frappuccino made with whole milk has anywhere between 60 and 230 less calories — and as much as 45 less grams of sugar! — than the larger options. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• A few weird reasons you might have perpetually cold feet (literally) — like tight muscles. [Yahoo Health]

• Remember Cerie from 30 Rock? Well, here’s what Katrina Bowden, the actress who played her (who happens to be a marathoning health nut in real life), keeps in her fridge. [Well + Good]

• Going on a trip sometime soon? Here, DIY airplane meals that totally beat a packet of cheese crackers. [Q by Equinox]

• Quick: Squeeze a few of these in right now! Five morning habits of super-healthy people. [Your Tango]

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