Where to Find Affordable Workout Clothes You Won’t Mind Wearing in Public

Cute workout clothes that don't break the bank.

Black Milk Gym leggings | Photo via Facebook

Black Milk Gym leggings | Photo via Facebook

We all have those days: Days when you get dressed to go for a run, dip out of the house and hustle as fast as you can to the most deserted trail you can find, because there is no way you want to run into your neighbor/boss/future husband while wearing your high school boyfriend’s “Welcome to the gun show” t-shirt and so-worn-in-they’re-see-through leggings, otherwise known as your go-to exercise outfit. Trust me, I have been there.

But no more, friends: The very fashionable Shoppist editor Emily Goulet, who happens to be training for the Philadelphia Half Marathon herself, has tracked down five spots to buy ultra-stylish, wouldn’t-mind-meeting-your-soulmate-in workout clothes that you’ll actually want to wear in public.

So first, let’s give Emily a big round of applause — because finding practical and cute workout clothing that doesn’t break the banks is hard — then hop on over to Shoppist to see her picks.

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