Tell Us: What’s Your Absolute Favorite, Can’t-Live-Without-It Workout Song?

Ready, set, comment!



Every Friday, we put together a brand spankin’ new Spotify workout playlist (You can follow it here, if you aren’t already) for you guys to get your sweat on to — but this week, it’s your turn to put the workout playlist together. We’re asking you guys this: What’s your absolute favorite, would-die-without-it workout song that always, without fail, gets you moving?

List off your favorite songs in the comments, and don’t be shy! We promise not to snicker at your love of the Backstreet Boys or Kid Rock or anyone else, for that matter. After you guys have told us what you love, we’ll compile all the songs into the biggest, baddest, Be Well Philly workout playlist of them all. Now, ready, set, comment! 

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