The Checkup: The Bizarre, Yet Effective Trick to Make Stale Bread Good As New

And more healthy reads that caught our eye this morning.



• If you have a loaf of stale bread sitting at home, don’t condemn it to a life of bread crumbs just yet. This simple trick is apparently incredibly effective for bringing stale bread back to life. [Bon Appétit

• Have you seen those strips of tape some athletes wear on their shoulders or legs? It’s called kinesiology tape, and the New York Times dives into what it purports to do — and whether or not it actually works. [NYT]

• Ha. Researchers recently studied the validity of the old adage, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” What they discovered is going to surprise you. [TIME]

• Add these 11 ab-shredding exercises to your regular rotation STAT. [BuzzFeed]

• Think you’ve got your push-up game down cold? Check out these push-up mistakes you probably don’t even know you’re making. [Fitness]

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